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Best Man

Jan. 21st, 2010 03:48 pm
essene_backup: (people: Jensen - vulnerable)
for [ profile] cherrymmm
who asked for: a J2 non au drabble about being each others "best man"

It takes exactly two tequila shots and 3 GIBs before Jared can look Jensen in the eye.  It takes 3 more shots and 2 more GIBs before he can tell Jensen what he’s been meaning to.  Of course, by then he’s more than half-way to shit-faced drunk so it comes out something like this:

 “I love you man.”

 “You’re not bad yourself, Jare.”

 “No man, I mean…getting married.”

 That’s when Jensen shifts position slightly, to get a bit of distance and really looks at Jared.


 “Getting married.”

 “Yeah man, I’m getting married.”

 “No.”  Jensen watches Jared shake his head slowly, and Jared brings his hand up to stop his head from spinning after shaking it.

“Me too.”

 Eyes narrowing, Jensen tries to figure out exactly what Jared’s trying to say to him.  Either Jared wants to marry Jensen or…

 “’m marrying Gen.”

 Jensen takes a long swallow from the bottle nearest him, fishes in his jacket pockets and pulls out a smoke and his lighter.  He lights it and takes a deep drag.

 “Are you now?” 

 “Yep.  Asked her a month ago.”

 Jensen’s brows rise.  “A month ago.”  He’s not really aware of the pitch of his voice, but something in it makes Jared sit up straighter.

 “Want you to be my best man, Ackles.”  It’s slurred and slow, but the words send something pinging back and forth through Jensen’s stomach like a pin-ball.

 He knows that he’s going to answer ‘yes’ just like Jared did him all those months ago when they sat here and Jensen told him about putting the ring on Danneel. But for a moment he lets himself feel the sharp crack of change, the slow well of sorrow that’s been developing between them.

 A warm smile spreads across his face and he reaches out and clasps Jared’s forearm firmly, squeezing just slightly as he says, “Of course I will man, of course I will.”


Aug. 26th, 2009 10:19 am
essene_backup: (spn: writing is HARD)
So yesterday I put out an icon/drabble call.  Here's the drabbles that resulted...

[ profile] itsabigrock asked for: 

Lindsey heading back to LA )

[ profile] gblvr asked for: Jared/Jensen, first kiss

Jared/Jensen, first kiss )

[ profile] luvxander asked for: Sam and Xander, having a discussion about the various monsters they fight and who has the better hero, Xander with Buffy or Sam with Dean

This is not that drabble... )

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