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Title: More than Words
for [ profile] spn_30snapshots  
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Table: A Picture is worth a thousand words (which I started a bazillion years ago, but am determined to finish!)
rating: ADULT
Prompt: 16

Jared sits sprawled out low and easy in the distressed leather chair that faces the fireplace. Feet bare, his toes curl and uncurl in the deep pile of the New Zealand wool rug. His knees are splayed wide, framing the man kneeling between them--head bent, back bare and glimmering in the firelight. Read more... )

: I apologize for naming this after that horrid 90's song, I do...also, massive props to [ profile] dancetomato  and [ profile] popmusicjunkie for reining in my rampant SPAG and story gaps.
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for [ profile] spn_30snapshots
Claim: Sam/Dean
Genre: Supernatural fic
option: Fanfic/fanart
Prompt: Theme 02: Less Talk, More Action

01.inhale 06.slide 11.lie 16.maunder 21.vaticinate 26.truckle
02.tell 07.indurate 12.exhale 22.capitulate 27.slake
03.lurk 08.jostle 13.crave 23.scramble 28.pass
04.scrub 09.claim 14.urge 19.bind 24.release 29.command
05.regret 10.scrawl 20.respite 25.converge 30.linger
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Claim: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki
Genre: Supernatural/CW RPF
Option: Fanfic
Prompt Table Theme & Number: Theme 10: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
for [profile] spn_30snapshots

Read more... )
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Title:  Eschatology
for [ profile] spn_30snapshots
Table: Less Talk, More Action
Prompt: 21. vaticinate

Acrid smoke licked through slow shifting tumbleweeds, its source seeming to come from everywhere and nowhere.  A soft breeze was all that remained of the sandstorm that had grated its way through the desert sloughing sandstone and mesquite scrubs out of its erratic path.  Vultures curved lazy paths in the sky above, underlining the inevitable.

A deer mouse skittered across the floor of the one building left standing... )

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for [ profile] spn_30snapshots
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: Adult
Table: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Prompt: 17

“I like the cheapest hotels, the $39 specials where it smells like someone has been smoking 15 packs of cigarettes a day and you go ‘ewww, gross’. Awesome!”

“It is fun to stay in places you’d never stay in. I wouldn’t if I was by myself but with the dogs laying next to me growling at the door every time someone walks past, they’re not going to rob my room, they’ll rob the next place.”

--Jared Padalecki, Sunday Mercury Interview

What he leaves out of the reasons why he likes dive motels is 1) usually no one recognizes him and 2) no one asks any questions. These are crucial bits of information to note when... )
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for [ profile] spn_30snapshots
Pairing: Jensen/Jared, Jared/Genevieve, mention of Jensen/Danneel
Table: A Picture is worth a thousand words
rating: ADULT
Prompt: 20

It ends as it begins: outside a bar in Vancouver.


Jensen swings wildly, aiming for Jared's jaw, but misjudging distance and height, ends up pivoting on his left foot and stumbling for balance when his fist connects with nothing. He can hear Jared's derisive snort even as he wills the world to slow its bobbling spin so he can stand up straight again.

"Come on Jackles, you can do better than that."  )
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for [ profile] spn_30snapshots

Pairing: Sam/Dean
Table: Less Talk, More Action
Prompt: 11. lie

Some days it's Dean who cuts Asia off, some days it's Sam. Some days Sam is already awake and watching Dean when 'the heat of the moment' lyric fills the room. Some days Sam just rolls over, sticks a pillow over his head and falls back to sleep.

It doesn't matter how it starts. It always ends the same. )
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for [info]spn_30snapshots
Pairing:  Sam/Dean
Rating: Adult
Prompt:  02. tell
Author's note: as Dean is in high school, Sam is underage.  Do with that knowledge what you will.
word count: 1,803 (yeah, yeah, it's over specs...)

What I Did During My Summer Vacation

by Dean Winchester

Hey, Teach. Admit it: this is a torture device thought up by one of you 50 some-odd years ago and you all just keep recycling it like some white-elephant gift.  Seriously, how many times can you read about someone going to Disneyland... )

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for [info]spn_30snapshots
Pairing:  Sam/Dean (though this one is not slashy)
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Prompt:  05. regret

Sam paused outside the door and thought for a second.  Maybe he should just let Dean be Dean.  Just this once.  Let him deal with the shit-storm that was sure to ensue from his haphazard train of thought.  Just this once.

But that's not how this--they--worked. )
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for [ profile] spn_30snapshots
Table: A Picture is worth a thousand words
rating: ADULT
Prompt:  12

Jared's of the opinion that gay porn doesn't have enough... )
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for [profile] spn_30snapshotsPairing: Sam/Dean
Table: Less Talk, More Action
Prompt: 13. crave

Winchesters make their own rules.

Normal doesn't apply to Winchesters.

There's no rule the Winchesters won't bend.

Dean's heard these aphorisms applied to his family more than once and in more than one variation.  But he's pretty damn sure... )
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for[profile] spn_30snapshots
Pairing: Jared/Jensen 
Table: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Prompt: 28

Jensen smirks and slides the yellow card over, easy as you please. 
Jared takes it with a shake of his head... )


Vieux Carre

Oct. 9th, 2009 04:02 pm
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for [ profile] spn_30snapshots
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Table: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Prompt: 30.

There's something self-destructive in Jared that he would agree to this.  He walks through the streets of the French Quarter, weaving up one block and down another aimlessly, listening to the plaintive wailing of a saxophone here, the lauding of a trumpet there, the frenzy of a banjo off in the distance. While his body walks, his mind wanders, trying to retrace how he got here, got to this place.

A plane, you dolt. )

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for [ profile] spn_30snapshots
Claim: Sam/Dean
Prompt:  01. inhale
warning: underage Sam

Leaves are jostling in the wind, and Sam listens to them for awhile, staring up at the ceiling at the few forlorn glow-in-the-dark stars that refuse to give up their hold on the old plaster. The summer's been excruciatingly hot, even for Arizona, and this has been the first night in nearly a month that any sort of breeze happened by. To take advantage of it, Dean's jerry-rigged a poor man's swamp-cooler using a wet towel, a hanger, some clothes pins and the box fan. It's not perfect, but it's keeping Sam from feeling feverish in the dry air.


Things have been different this summer. )

Table here: Less Talk, More Action
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for [ profile] spn_30snapshots  table here: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Jensen's more aware of the differences between Dean and himself these days. Five years of character creation have birthed an individual and a personality distinct from Jensen's own. Dean is forward and in-your-face while Jensen is reserved and prefers to observe. Dean can't think of much beyond the day-to-day necessities of life and base urges, while Jensen has hobbies and interests and free-time. But there are some things that they have in common--things that Jensen brought to Dean early on and have stuck around, become ingrained in who Dean is as much as they are a part of Jensen.

Girls. Jensen's always been a big fan. He was a bit of a hound back in his Days of Our Lives run, and he knows that his preferences tend to run to girls that you wouldn't necessarily take home to mother. But he's always been much more discreet about it than Dean. He doesn't like to flout his conquests as much as Dean does--not at all in fact (hence Joanna’s parting)--and he's a bit more discriminating than Dean, but he's got to admit, they generally have the same tastes.

Coffee. The morning doesn't start unless there is some, 'nough said.

Pie. In both Dean and Jensen's book, pie is probably the best foodstuff ever created. So many varieties and flavors--you could have a different pie every day and never repeat yourself in a year. Mmmm, pie.

Best friends. Dean doesn't have any. But he's got Sam. And Sam = Jared. So there's that. Jensen's got Jared as much as Dean has Sam. At this point, losing Jared would be like losing a limb, only more painful as Jared's somehow managed to claim more than a bit of Jensen's heart with his big-as-an-ox-self.

And then there's the emotion. Dean likes to pretend that he's all big and bad and stoic, but he cries like a whipped puppy at the drop of a hat. Jensen doesn't do that. What Jensen DOES do, is get hurt. Emotionally. And then he withdraws. His insides shrivel and his chest tightens, and he WANTS to cry, but it's never been easy for him like it is for Dean. He feels as much as Dean does, and Dean feels as much as he does, but they express it differently.

Which brings him back to the subject of Sam and Jared. Jensen's intense emotional swings seem to be intrinsically tied to Jared in a way he can't quite explain. Much as Dean's are tied to Sam. Difference is, Jensen's acted on his emotions. Pressing Jared against walls so he can grind his hard cock into Jared's and breathe his breath. Dean's never done that with Sam. But Jensen knows he wants to. Because Jensen made him. And in as many ways as they’re different--in as many ways Dean is his own man and Jensen is another--in this way they are the same: Jensen can't help but want Jared and Dean can't help but want Sam.
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