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So you know what you're dealing with...

Just a girl. Standing in front of the internets. Asking it to love her.

I’m not a little crazy. I’m in love with dancetomato. I post sporadically or not at all. I occasionally make icons. I rant. I rec. I do memes. I write a little fic. I blather. I generally don’t type in stilted fragments. I also lie. But I love. And I love hard. And I love true. And I am faithful.

I like to believe that I am eclectic, wonderful, enigmatic, ingenious, talented and unique. In reality? I’m just like everyone else and as transparent as cling film. But we all have our little peccadilloes and mine is that I say stuff that others will want to pay attention to, or at least commiserate with me about. So I and then. And I read...always. And I comment...sometimes.

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