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[ profile] gblvr asked for Dean/Cas, unclean

...the moisture slowly trickling along the curve of jaw )

[ profile] turnonmyheels asked for:  Sons of Anarchy - Gemma and the ATF Lady having a little one-on-one

in my defense, I wrote this BEFORE I saw the supermarket confrontation episode

I'd heard that you had a way about you. )

[ profile] tabaqui asked for: Turning the Metallicar into a holy, sacred object so the boys have protection in the coming war. Sam/Dean or Sam,Dean

Knucklehead's just gonna keep on driving? )

[ profile] ewlyn asked for: Milkshake <- be creative [filled drabble is Sam & Dean]

satisfied some leftover remnant of his childhood )

and [ profile] dancetomato asked for a push for her J2 in space. I won't put it here, as you wouldn't get it without reading all her drabbles here:  Jared/Jensen IN SPACE!!!  *echos*  You can read my drabble there.

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I have a snippet.  I'm supposed to be writing a 6,000 word journal article that's due Friday, and editing my BigBang, but oh, no, my brain has to get a line stuck in it that won't leave me alone.  Stupid brain.

So here.  I give you some

NC-17 for dirty talk
763 words
unbeta'd, untitled

proceed at your own peril )
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I shouldn't post this, but I'm thinking that if I do, maybe it'll prompt me to keep going. I watched the beginning of Intimate Relations and the initial conflict got me thinking and then I used Write or Die and this came out.

Dean/OFC, wincest?

Dean shifted only slightly on the bed, nothing overtly indicating that he'd heard the slow ease of the window as it quietly shuddered up from the sill. His hand gripped the knife handle tightly even as he feigned sleep, not wanting to give any advantage to the intruder or to waken Sammy who was sleeping soundly on the other side of the bed. Dean turned his body as naturally as he could manage, in imitation of a restless sleeper, eyes half-lidded until he could see the willowy form sliding through the night air and into the room. His fingers relaxed as his body instinctively recognized Cindy's curves, hormones taking over almost instantly from the previous thrum of adrenaline in his veins. He let her think he was still slumbering as he watched her drift silently across the room, bare feet not making a sound even on the ancient warped floorboards of the shoebox the Winchesters were currently calling "home."

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