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for [ profile] laurificus and [ profile] zubeneschamali's prompt of But it was Saturday night/I guess that makes it all right

Title: Keeping Company
Author: [ profile] essene
Pairing: J2
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 3,489
Summary: Amazingly, Jared listens to Chad and things don't go completely haywire.

A/N: [ profile] dancetomato is an amazing wife. Not only did she beta this, she picked up and wrote a scene when I said, "I just can't!" and saved the day.

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Fic Title: Never Tell

Artist: [ profile] nazarivega
Author: [ profile] essene
Fandom/Genre: RPS, Romance
Pairing(s): Jared/Jensen (side pairings: Chad/Sophia, Tom/Mike, past Tom/Danneel)
Rating: R-ish
Word Count: 12,000+ (OMG)
Warnings: sexual situation, werewolves, homophobia
Summary: Jensen Ackles moves to a new town that is not all that it seems.

Also on: AO3 (coming soon!)

I apologize profusely for the formatting, I forgot what a bitch LJ can be. I'll be back to fix it as soon as I can.

Author's Notes: I hadn't intended to participate in the [ profile] spn_reversebang this year, so I didn't initally claim anything, but soon regretted it.  I became an avid watcher of the pinch-hit comm and was so excited when this prompt came up.  I want to thank [ profile] nazarivega for making her lovely art piece that inspired this fic.  I wish that my muse had gotten on board sooner in the process; while I got the prompt in December my muse didn't decide to play nice until last week and then it decided that this prompt deserved an EPIC.  I dearly wish I could have given it that.  I can say that I have so many timestamps in my head right now, it's not even funny.  If only I had another week!

Anyway, although [ profile] nazarivega was pretty clear about what she wanted to see in the fic: "Underage, First Time, Homophobia, violence; Jensen moves to a new town full of werewolves, although he doesn't know that yet, and he starts at a new school where he mets Jared." I only delivered on maybe one of those things in all my spewing of words.  I'm so sorry.  You deserve MOAR.  I hope that you at least find a tiny bit of satisfaction in the story that's to follow.

Massive thanks to the ever-patient, ever-willing, ever-wife [ profile] dancetomato for listening to me whine, reassuring me that I could do this and beta-ing at the last hour.

Fic title stole from Violent Femmes.



Jared watched as the slightly bowlegged figure walked the length of the pool deck. He scanned the broad shoulders, narrow hips, and wondered idly what was hidden by the baggy black swim trunks. Dark, blue-tinged hair that was haphazardly spiked, in stark contrast to the fair skin covered with a smattering of freckles. As the guy walked closer, headed for the diving board, Jared could see eyes shadowed with smudged eyeliner--again, clearly slept in. Most suprising was the glint of metal coming from the guy's nipples: piercings. Not something you saw on a regular basis in small-town Virginia. He was intrigued.

"Who's the new guy?" Jared nodded toward the diving board as the guy climbed the ladder rungs.

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Part 2
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Title: Secrets in the Desert
Author: essene
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: J2 AU
Warnings: first-time, oral, knotting, purple prose, completely bizzaro AU world, un-beta’d  
Word count: 4,800+
Summary: To cement an alliance between house Padel and house Ackles, Omega Ja’red travels through the Great Waste to be bonded to someone he’s never met.

Written for [ profile] salt_burn_porn and [ profile] zuben_eschamali’s prompt: I want your leather studded kiss in the sand

A/N: I have never written anything remotely like this before (the name thing?  I just..don't even...), and I have no idea where the fuck it came from. I wrote it in the past 3 hours because my muse wouldn’t shut up about it. “shakes head at muse*

The heat was unbearable. Ja’red couldn’t fathom how the Sukkla could live in this oppressive environment. Gritty, shifting sand as far as the eye could see and air that baked one like the ovens in the city square back home. His entourage had been travelling for 3 days across the Great Waste and although they were nearly at their destination, it seemed as though they would never arrive. The landscape never varied, the gentle rise and fall of the dunes seemed to stretch on forever.

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Title: How Firm a Foundation
Summary: AU. Jared has a night out. Jensen turns up where he’s least expected.
Pairing: J2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Not beta’d, all mistakes are my fault. Is edited a bit from the original version.
Word Count: 3,000+
Disclaimer: Jared and Jensen are not mine. More’s the pity. (and a personal "I'm sorry" to [ profile] dancetomato for the title)
Notes: For the story’s sake look afterwards, but it was originally written for the latest round of [ profile] blindfold_spn  off this prompt.

Jared finally settles on a pair of jeans that ride just along his hipbones, letting the edge of his boxer-briefs peek out above the denim. He pulls on a black t-shirt--it seems all he really has in his wardrobe is varying shades of black and white these days--tighter than he would usually wear, but that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Sliding bare feet into one of his two pairs of “non-work” shoes (the other a pair of well-worn running shoes), he moves into the bathroom. He runs an electric razor quickly over his stubble to even it out, and then warms a swipe of pomade from the pot on the counter before running his hands through his hair quickly. He arches his brow scrutinizing the result-- it’s not going to last all night, but at least it’ll keep it out of his face for a while. He takes one last look at himself in the mirror before flicking off the lights and grabbing his keys from the nightstand.

1:15 am and it’s hot and loud in the club. )
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Fic title: The Chapterhouse
Author name: [ profile] essene with [ profile] allegraconbrio
Artists names: [ profile] laurel_less and [ profile] sillyshy
Genre: RPS AU
Pairing: Jared/Jensen (Jensen/Chris Kane implied)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 36,212
written for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang
Warnings/Spoilers: Dub-con, minor character death
Summary: Ever since Jared Padalecki's home and village were saved from the advancing enemy Hordes when he was a child, he has dreamed of joining the Bevian Order of the Knighthood. His dream comes true when he is granted admission to the training academy for the Knighthood. He is suddenly thrust into a world where everything is unfamiliar, the customs are strange, formal and uncomfortable and the only familiar face is his somewhat immature childhood friend and fellow postulant, Chad Murray.

The head of the academy, Preceptor Morgan, assigns Jensen Ackles to be his Pedagogue and partner in training. The beginning days of their partnership are rough, and Jared sometimes believes that perhaps he is not suited for the Knighthood after all. Slowly, a mutual bond develops as Jensen trains Jared in the mystical and magical ways of the Knighthood, but the physical intimacy which is intrinsic in the partnerships between mentor and student is intensely uncomfortable for Jared.

As he eventually begins to trust Jensen as more than just a teacher, there is a crisis at the Academy. A mystical artifact of great power has been stolen from the sacred vault. Jensen believes he knows who did it and thus begins an epic confrontation between Jensen and Jared and two people that Jared is shocked to discover as the perpetrators of the crime. Will Jensen and Jared recover the artifact? Will they survive the confrontation? Most importantly, will they allow themselves to become true partners in the Knighthood in every sense of the word?

Essene's A/N: This fic would never have been written if it weren't for [ profile] allegraconbrio. She provided support and co-wrote when it mattered the most. This fic would never have been written without her. [ profile] gblvr wielded the pointy beta stick and has an infinite amount of patience. Every writer should be so lucky to have a beta like this. Thank you to the mods for the hard work behind the scenes. I was awed to find that 2 wonderful artists, [ profile] laurel_less and [ profile] sillyshy, chose to bring my fic to life. Thank you to all my cheerleaders, especially [ profile] ewlyn, [ profile] wattle_neurotic, [ profile] babybluesteel, [ profile] spiralleds, [ profile] tabaqui and [ profile] wesleysgirl. Finally, this is dedicated to my darling [ profile] dancetomato for saying, “But it's really good Medieval Space Knights fic!”

Liberties have been taken with the Hours observed by monks. Well, lots of liberties are taken with monastery life. No offense is intended to any specific religion. Basically this is all made up.

Huge amounts of my world building are due to the influence of the following authors: David Eddings, Orson Scott Card, and Anne McAffrey.

The thing I'm proudest of? Figuring out how to do the nifty hovering footnotes. Don't click them, just hover over them and poof! There they are, like magic!

[ profile] sillyshy's art (Spoilers for fic!!) here, here and here.

[ profile] laurel_less's cover art:
big_bang art
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part six

The Chapterhouse: Part 7 )
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part five

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part four

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Part 6
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part three

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part one

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